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Buy Cup-o-Water!

Post  RussianMan on Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:20 pm

"Buy Cup-O-Water now! It's the newest toy by the Federation of China! You get a bottle, some water and a tube and the point is to throw the water up and catch it! A $29.95 value, yours for only $39.95! Cup-O-Water is assembled in America, using water from China and illegal immigrants as workers.

*Disclaimer* Do not inhale any air while using Cup-O-Water, by doing so will result in hair loss and nazal congestion. Do not spill Cup-O-Water on account of cumbustive material, if you do spill Cup-O-Water consult a doctor immediatly. Ask your doctor if Cup-O-Water is right for you. Before using Cup-O-Water make sure your clothes are soaking wet but your skin is completely dry. Do not drink Cup-O-Water, tooth decay and loss will result. If your Cup-O-Water arrives not assembled fully, contact us at our hotline, 1-800 SCAM and we will refund half of your money, not including shipping and handling. If you happen to touch the water in Cup-O-Water, contact the Emergency Disease Control Center right away, if you can not you must cut the touched part of the body off. Cup-O-Water is not responsible for death, hair loss, tooth decay/loss, broken bones, brain damage, pierced eyes, decombobulated spinal cords or cancer. Pregnate wemon should not use Cup-O-Water, or be within 400 Yards of a Cup-O-Water, if you have a cold do not handle Cup-O-Water and never keep Cup-O-Water in temperatures above 40 degrees, or the result will be a ultra violet radioactive cloud vaporizing all within 1,000,000 miles. Cup sold separately, water not included.

Carlson from Virginia writes, "Cup-O-Water ruined my life, my wife is dead and my children have cancer, I had to cut my neck off and now I am a head in a jar, DO NOT BUY!!! Evil or Very Mad I want more Cup-O-Water by the way."

Jack from California writes, "Dear Cup-O-Water, cant wait for you to recieve to my lawsuit confirmation, i'l see you in court, after I can see again. Sad Sad Sad I want more Cup-O-Water."

"These satisfied customers reordered at their own will and a gun was NOT held up against their face, order now!"

(Just some random fun)

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