Another few RP ideas, courtesy of RussianMan

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Another few RP ideas, courtesy of RussianMan

Post  RussianMan on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:07 pm

1)Mars RP, we are colonists on the red planet working for the good of man's advances, no not an action RP but rather a survival/sim where you all get jobs (Police officer, dome builder, asteroid miner, farmer ect) yes, some phycotic people will be involved, some suicidal bombers (Not to often) or a bank robbery, or even as simple as a petty theft. There could be indigenous species that are violent as well, so there may be some action. Do not know yet.

2)WW2 RP, following an airborne regiments advance through Europe straight in to Nazi Germany, with several roles, no limitations and tons of action it will be action oriented.

3)A midieval RP, we are either slaves or soldiers in the Roman/Greek/Persain empire, either one. Don't know the details yet.

4)Post apocalyptia super hero type, we are all either regular people or "Infected" after the nuclear war, many settlements of sick people sprang, livig off the ruins of the old empire. The radiation gave certain people powers, while mutated others. We are either fighting for the good of man, helping them grow or the bad and destroying them.

5)WWI RP, following the advance of a British or U.S. squad fighting in the trenches

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