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Post  Sly Guy on Wed Oct 15, 2008 4:11 pm

Ok, I'm going to go over the basic rules for heronation.

Be Nice!
Ok, I can't stress this enough. Just be nice! You don't need to put other people down around these parts.

cursing/offensive language
Cursing is acceptable at times. When writing a story, you may use cursing to liven up your story. But for any other case, revert back to my first rule.

Don't spam. It will be removed. If you are a dedicated user and sometimes would like to show your friends here at heronation something on another site, that will be permitted. If the moment you register you start advertising other websites, you will be banned.

Sexual Content (Added by thedoomedpixel)
As a general rule, if you worry about it's appropriateness, either don't post it or ask on of the admins or moderators. ABSOLUTELY no pornography! Mild sexual jokes will be allowed, but seeing as one little joke can quickly escalate, take this as a warning: continued strong sexual language/offense or posting of pornography will get you suspended or banned, depending on severity of the offense.

Multiple Accounts

Yes and one more thing, If you happen to decide to make multiple accounts, please tell me or sly. Just don't make another and don't tell anyone.

If you are banned, make no attempt to make a new account. We CAN ban your IP address.

This is a growing list of rules. Any time we think of more, we will add to this list.

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