The Arennian Universe

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The Arennian Universe

Post  MegaGoober on Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:32 pm

I was writing a really awesome description of the Universe in total, but my friggin internet screwed up and I lost everything, so you'll just have to bother with getting right into the facts...

The Universe is actually more like a Galaxy, or even a Solar System, but so much occurs in it that it is considered a more important area. It includes all fourteen(/eighteen) of the planets listed in the RP Planetary Warfare. (the other four are either artificial planets or celestial anomalies)

Around the 22nd century of recorded Earth years, a grand galactical war erupted between each of the planets. Multiple alliances and rivalries became apparent and fighting occured frequently. The war evolved and planets were laid completely to waste or nearly destroyed. The forces of Good eventually overthrew the forces of the vile creatures that erupted from the Black Hole, which rested just on the outskirts of the system. However, their success was not in vain, as many memorable heroes were lost in battle and millions of brave warriors fell. Work has since been done to restore the beauty of once beautiful planets turned dark, and still the hunt of any remaining soldiers of evil.

"All beings that exist in the universe are predestined to be of either good or evil power. Each being, to start, has their own ability, or unique trait - Destiny determines whether they keep the power to use for Holiness, or Shadow..."
______The Book of Destiny, Volume One
"It takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish, and we don't say much of anything unless it takes a very long time to say."
______Treebeard, The Lord of the Rings

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