Rulers Of the Universe (Planning)

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Rulers Of the Universe (Planning)

Post  CasketGrinder23 on Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:48 am

In 2009 The Villains Of Earth Were Driven Far Off the Planet By The Planetary Heroes Guild And Into a Another Solar System, They Were Monsters at Heart and Soul.Now Two Years Later They Thought Up a Plan to Take Earth All to themselves, But They Need to Destroy Every Planet Along the Way and Take the Resources that The Planets Had On Them, We are...............

Rulers Of The Universe!!!!
__________________________________________________ ____________

OK I Was Reading World War Hulk and I Thought Up of a Plan to Make a RP Like that But With the Rpers As Villains. But here is the thing, this RP originally was suppose to be a Horror/Action RP but It turned into Humor/Epic/Romeo and Juliet/Action/More Humor/Blah/Goku/Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids/Humor Rp

Thy Rules!
1. No God Character
2. You can Swear, But Not in every Post
3. Don't Control Somebody Else's Character Without their Permission
4. No Sex! Hugging and Kissing Is Allowed
5. I am Gm and the Leader
6. Be at your most stupidest (I'm talking Deadpool stupid)

OK Now the Character Sheet!

Villain Name:
Real Name:
Reason Why you Became a Villain?:
Reason Why You Were Kicked Off Earth?:
Pic: (You Don't Have to Make One, But it Helps)
One last question, Can you work with a guy that wants to turn you into a eunuch?: (Just answer)

Someone Plz Join! I'll Give you A Cookie and if you Don't I'll come to your house and gut you like a fish!!!

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Re: Rulers Of the Universe (Planning)

Post  thedoomedpixel on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:15 pm

Dead RP. Locked. If you wish to re-open this RP, please PM me or just make a new one.

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