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((The Fall of Kingdoms, Rise of Guilds is not 'Dead' just because I am making a new Rp))

We all know what the world is like. We’re born into it, we’re educated and we do our best to eke out a profitable existence within it. Many of us our blind to what the world is really like. We are taught what fact is and what fiction is, what is real and what is fantasy; that we are alone in the universe and there are no such things as monsters. This vale of illusion keeps us safe and comfortable. We except this world and live on oblivious to what reality really is. This illusion encompasses all that we know, television, billboards, newspapers, radio and the people we meet.

There are those however, that see beyond the illusionary vale. As children they had a natural fear of the world around them. They felt vulnerable. They feared the dark not because of the monsters under the bed or in the closet but because deep down they knew not all was what it seemed. As these children grew they began to notice certain changes in the world that others around them ignored. They also began to notice changes within. They were faster, stronger and more agile than the other kids and they had a growing instinct to hunt. They are called Slayers.

Slayers are orphaned and adopted into families connected to a secret society known as Watchers. These families care for them as if they were their own children. They encourage their children to see the real world and when they are of suitable age they are introduced to a Watcher. The Watcher serves as a mentor and teacher. They train the Slayer in all forms of combat. Slayers have a natural ability so they learn quickly and many develop their own styles before their late teens. Not all Slayer families accept this life though. Some become so attached to their children that they fear loosing them, and rightly so; the average life expectancy for a Slayer is five years.

The Slayers are our line of defense against the dark forces that plague the world. It has been this way for centuries. Over the years their numbers have decreased giving creatures like the Vampires, Demons and Therianthropes more freedom to exact their will upon humanity. In their eyes it is their world and always has been. People like the Slayers are the enemy.

There is one among us however that intends to not only restore the balance but tip the scales. He is the last of a long dead Order and is known only as Deicidal. It is his intent to bring this Order back and once again strike fear into the hearts of the forces of darkness, by gathering together the most gifted of the Slayers and reviving the Harbingers.
Setting: This RP will take place in a metropolis called Pandora
Human (Self explanatory)

The origin of the slayer is not known at this time. They are found on the doorstep of orphanages where they are later adopted. (Note: Slayer ages can range from 16- 20)

Vampires were once human. They are the product of a race that has long since left this world. They continue to multiply by turning others. The popular belief is that these beings are undead but this is not so. While they are brought close to death, they don’t actually die. New blood is given to them before this happens. It doesn’t always work though. Sometimes the victim dies before the transfusion. While this person can still be turned (through dark magicks) they have a multitude of weaknesses due to their undead nature.

Therianthropes are shape shifters able to take the form of animals. There are two forms which theses beings can take the man-beast and the physical animal. A bite from a Therianthrope sends a virus through the victim’s system causing them to eventually become one of them. An antidote to this virus can be made with the originals blood. The most common type of Therianthrope is the Lycanthrope

Demons are beings from another dimension. The only thing that can be confirmed about them is that they have no physical form. They must have a willing vessel in order to enter this world. The vessel can be any race.

Slayers: They can take a great deal of punishment but their weaknesses are of the human variety.

Vampires: They are highly susceptible to fire. Many have been known to turn to ash upon touching it. The sun, while a weakness is not fatal though it does have a draining effect.

Therianthropes: They are highly allergic to silver (silver nitrate). Hitting them in a vital area is like introducing acid to the system. It is an excruciating death.

Demons: Demon weaknesses are the same as their host. However, they are also weak against weapons of True Holy. (As the RP progresses this is subject to change)

Profile setup:

Appearance: (Feel free to use a pic if you like)

Weapon Preference: (You’ll most likely be using many kinds but this is for your favorite)

Brief History:

If you like you can also add a personality section but I prefer to have those come out in the RP
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