How to post your Character as an Image.

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How to post your Character as an Image.

Post  Free2ryhme on Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:19 pm

#1: After creating your Character, press the printscreen button.
#2: Open up the program MS Paint (Or any other photo editing program)
#3: Crop your picture, do whatever you want.
#4: After your are done, press the file button, then press save as
#5: Type in what your name of the picture is, then click on the Save as Type button.
#6: Click on JPEG, or PNG, and click save.

Now to post.

#1: Click on the button that when you scroll over it, it says host an image.
#2: Now click on browse.
#3: After finding your picture, double click it.
#4: Now it should give you three options. Right click on the third one, and copy it.
#5: Then click on the button that says insert link when you scroll over it.
#6: Right click on the empty space, and paste. Then click on ok.
#7: DONE!

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Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

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